Spark Extinguishing Systems

Explosion and fire are prevented if the ignition source, such as sparks can be removed. In-line systems extinguish sparks in the duct system and thereby preventing them from entering the dust collector or silo.

Installation of explosion panels and sprinklers are basic and inexpensive precautions against fire and explosion, which is highly recommended. An automatic spark extinguishing system however virtually eliminates the risk of fire.


Explosion Relief Equipment

Dust collectors and silos can be fitted with explosion panels, which will release pressure should an explosion occur and thereby prevent the integrity of the dust collector or silo casing being compromised

Material Separators

Material Separators like cyclones are utilized to separate material from an air stream and into a collection bin or compacting equipment. The material separator are generally used on paper and cardboard applications using an oscillating screen to collect the material and discharge the material via its discharge chute. The exhaust air stream and fine dust is then carried onto a dust collector for final filtering.

Mechanical Briquetting Press

Waste with a maximum moisture content of 18% from wood, paper, cardboard, plastics and textile fibre materials can be converted into briquettes via our range of briquette presses.

The pressing works by means of hydraulic pressure and depending on the size and type of material can reduce the volume of the basic raw material by up to 90%. This in turn reduces storage, transport and waste disposal costs.

Briquettes range in diameter from 50 to 80mm and basic length from 40 to 100mm long

Please consult our engineering staff for further details. 

Humidification Systems

We can supply and install a humidification system that will improve the total outcome of your production facilities and give people a more comfortable working environment. We can provide a solution for a multitude of business areas and industries.

Electrostatic discharge, dust, moisture shrinkage and temperature variables are problems that we can solve with the correct system and product application.

Working with our partner application experience including wood, textiles, paper industries, electronic equipment producers, plastics, automotive, aerospace and the food industries.

Please consult our engineering staff for further details. 

Shredder, Chipper and Hammer Mills

Blue-vent supply complete plants for material crushing.

Plants include chippers, shredders and hammer mills. We supply complete raw material handling, with pneumatic or belt conveying of chips and dust to silo.

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